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Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics | The Secret to Stellar Writing

Are you stuck on your paper? Looking for good controversial essay topics? Read on for some examples and tips on where you can get good titles.

Here Are Top Controversial Persuasive Essay Topics

Of the assignments you are likely to be asked to complete as a student, none will be quite as engaging as the controversial essay. In this type of project, you will be required to take a stance on an ongoing debate, using reason and evidence to justify that stance. Your discussion should be balanced well-thought-out. While there are multiple factors that will determine the eventual quality of your paper, it all begins with the topic you choose. If you pick an interesting one, then you will have more resources and a stronger argument. This article outlines where and how you can choose good controversial essay topics. Examples are also provided from which you can formulate your own.

Where to Find Controversial Topics for Essay?

Controversial papers require careful reasoning and research. As such, you need to make sure that there are enough examples and evidence that can be used to support your arguments and counterarguments. As most seasoned writers already know, there is nothing like a controversial topic to get your reasoning to its peak. Controversy lights up boring lecture halls and gets readers to notice your reasoning ability.
Good controversial issues essay topics are current and relevant to your field. Your lecturer will also expect a balanced evaluation of the problem, and the effective use of credible sources. Be persuasive in your tone.
In terms of where you can find controversial argument essay topics, there are several options to consider. First, consider past papers written by fellow students. You will need to seek the permission of the writer, and to only use the paper as an example.
Controversial topics can also be found through targeted keyword searches on Google and other engines. You need be careful with the information you get from the internet, as some of it can be outdated or even erroneous. Articles from peer-reviewed journals can also offer some topics the currently dominate debate in the scholarly circles. Other options to consider include newspapers and magazines.
Students can also get topics from top academic writing services. These companies have thousands of sample papers and their writers have many years of experience with controversial essays. They can offer additional tips on the writing process.

Examples of Good Topics for Your Controversial Essay

Please note that the controversial paper requires the student to carefully investigate an issue, gather, generate and assess evidence, and establish a position on the debate in a concise manner. Here are some examples of controversial topics for a persuasive essay to consider:
Is banning of abortion an infringement on women’s rights? 
Capital punishment and human rights;
Ethics of animal testing;
Genetic cloning;
Plastic surgery.
The controversial issue of euthanasia;
These are just a few of the many controversial issues that students can write about. Of course, your choice should be guided by the assignment prompt. If you have any questions or need more controversial topics, feel free to contact us.