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Definition Essay Examples Written by Professionals

Looking for an extended definition essay examples? You are at the right place. Get to look at, learn and get tips from the examples our professional writers have written.

Definition Argument Essay Examples – An Expert Explanation and step by step guide

A definition essay is an article written to explain a particular word as it uses their understanding of that word. The meaning should be well supported and researched. It can also be used to define a specific term.
Here are a few tips on how to write a definition essay
• Pick a word – The main point in writing your article is to choose an idea or concept of what you will be writing about. Then select a word that will explain that concept or idea. You should understand the word. Stay away from specific objects and terms like the cup, shelf or chair.
• Choose a word that you well know – Choose a word that you have a good understanding of or are familiar with. This will make writing easier. Try and get a word that has more than one meaning. Especially if the word has a different meaning to different people.
• Look for the meaning in the dictionary – the word has a formal meaning which you get from the dictionary. Orient yourself with it then look at the composition of definition. Study the originality of the word by researching the word, where it comes from and any ideas and theories behind the word..

Definition essay topics examples – Structure of a Definition Essay

The outline of your essay should summarize the content; organize it in a way it is well understood and in a coherent manner. Writing a draft is effective. Some teachers require a draft so that they make sure you have written the article yourself. The outline of a definition essay is the tradition way, introduction, body then conclusion.
Definition essay thesis – In this kind of essay, there is no thesis because you don’t have to prove anything. So do not look for definition essay thesis examples because you won’t find any. To write a good definition article, add a primary claim to your introduction.

Impressive Examples of Definition Essays

Here is a small sample of a definition essay
Trust comes to mind when you think of an essential quality in a friend or member of the family. It is outlined as dependency on security, integrity, surety, and the ability of a thing or person. What is the real meaning? Trust, means faith in a person despite the lack of assurance.
Fragility is one quality that makes trust incomparable. One’s reliability and honesty have to be continuous for one to gain trust from friends and parents. To lose trust, can take a moment but it can take years to gain complete trust. Marriage is a good example that shows how delicate trust is. Two spouses have to continually be honest and support one another to gain genuine trust. This bond, however, can be broken easy when one cheats with another person. When you have trust in someone else it can makes you feel loved and secure but when the trust is broken, it leads you to feel vulnerability and anger.
Trust has always been part of our lives. When we are born, we knew our mothers will take care of us and give us affection and love. In our teens we expect, our family and pals will endorse our choices and rectify us if we go wrong. In college, we hope our professors to give us the grades we deceive. We expect our spouses to love and support us our entire lives. In our old age, we depend on people to care for us. All through life trust goes with us wherever we go; thus the trusting relationships we have guide and lead us. After all what matters is who do we trust?

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