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Descriptive Essay Topics | Get Started Fast and Easy

Struggling with your project? Are you searching for quality descriptive essay topics for college students? Read on for tips on how and where to get good samples.

Get Great Topics for Descriptive Essay —Here’s How

Students are often required to complete tons of projects during the course of their academic life, the most common of which is the descriptive essay. In this type of work, you will be required to vividly describe people, places, and events. Most students find this type of assignment challenging, particularly when it comes to topic selection. At the same time, you need to remember that the topic you choose will determine the quality of your work. Read on for useful tips on how to select a topic, as well as where to look. We also present some examples of descriptive narrative essay topics that you can use for inspiration.

Where Can Students Get Descriptive Essay Topics for College?

To effectively complete the descriptive paper, it is important what this type of project requires. Instructors generally expect papers in which students engage vivid sensory details, appealing to the readers’ sense of sight, smell, and touch. As you select your topic, pick something that you find captivating, and which you will be able to describe in such detail. Pay attention to the instructions as set out in the assignment prompt. Remember, a catchy essay is what your instructor expects.
Here are places to look at as you search for good descriptive essay topics:
Papers written by fellow students in the past — Ask the librarian for direction;
Online searches using Google —Be careful as the internet contains some dubious information;
Top academic writing websites — They have competent writers, and can offer a wide range of services.
Please note that the samples you get from these sources are only meant to serve as guidelines. The topic chosen for your descriptive essay should be unique, tailored according to the instructions in your assignment prompt. You can create several topics, from which you can select one that will be most appropriate to your audience, and which you find particularly interesting.

Examples of Topics for Descriptive Essays

Perusing through some well-crafted topics for a descriptive essay can help you create your own. Since the descriptive essay does not require the use of evidence, students often assume that it is the easiest type of assignment. However, this is rarely ever the case. It requires the proper use of language to paint a clear picture in the mind of the audience. The secret is to choose an interesting topic, mostly an event that you can vividly recall. Here is descriptive essay topics list to consider:
You most embarrassing moment;
Your favorite restaurant;
A life-changing experience;
The outside of a sprawling cathedral;
A beautiful (or horrid) landscape;
A family member;
The inside of a garage or attic;
Your first house.
These are just some of the descriptive essay topics for high school students. In truth, you can write about anything. Remember to tailor your topic and text according to your audience and assignment prompt. If you need additional help with creating an original topic or writing a custom paper, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.